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Acqua Private Residences

Mandaluyong City

Acqua is the product of our long and painstaking research into the ultimate experiences yearned for by the global citizen in a modern home. We've found the answer in the reinterpretation of a nature-infused backdrop—of none other than the astonishing tropical rainforest—into a residential masterpiece that is replete with endless possibilities for a quiet reprieve or exhilarating leisure.

And perhaps one of the best qualities of this project is its location, which happens to be on a point where two powerful cities meet: Makati and Mandaluyong. This remarkable location also speaks of the project's positive impact to its surrounding environs. Acqua is revitalizing an old industrial area—what was once the Noah's Ark Sugar Refinery— into a bustling center of activity which, as our masterplanner Broadway Malyan had put it: "an experience that becomes a destination, and a destination that people can actually say, yes, I want to live there." 

Six towers lavish you with private, uninterrupted views of dazzling Makati skyscrapers across the bridge, the vibrant skyline to the North or the tranquil water down below. Acqua's buildings are named after some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

Location: Coronado Street, Brgy. Hulo, Mandaluyong City
Completion Date: RFO (Niagara, Sutherland, Detifoss, Livingstone Towers); 4Q 2018 (Iguazu Tower)
Owner/Developer: Century Limitless Corporation
HLURB LTS Nos. 25631, 26132, 26229, 26972, 28552


Acqua Private Residences is a true riverfront development, located on the regenerating Pasig River in Coronado Street, where Mandaluyong meets Makati. Accessible via the Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge, it is also connected to the Makati Central Business District via the newly constructed Estrella-Pantaleon bridge, making it truly a stone’s throw away from all of Makati’s top attractions.



4 floors. 3000 sqm. 1 elevator ride away.

"The Pebble" is Acqua's central amenity structure and the visual focal point of the entire development. It is a gleaming white, modern interpretation of a smooth river stone with a large cut in front providing an almost window-like vista and three (3) iconic waterfalls on the façade that seemingly flow into the mighty river. It's the ideal venue where you can lounge, energize and plunge as it features fitness club facilities such as a state-of-the-art total health, wellness and fitness ​center, a lap pool, a lagoon pool, a basketball/tennis court, and juice bar.

Unit Layouts

1 Bedroom

27.28-67.87- SQM

2 Bedroom


2 Bedroom with Private Garden


3 Bedroom with Garden

174.59- SQM

3 Bedroom Corner Unit


Floor Layout

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